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Jack Gafford is a seasoned country music singer known for stirring peoples' emotions with his warm baritone voice. And a unique voice it is. In an age where attitude rules, Gafford effortlessly puts the soul back into music. His voice truly moves people of all ages. Jack loves engaging his audiences through melody and feels at home on any stage where he pours all of himself into each show. His music lends itself to church services and functions as well as cafes, fairs and festivals.

His new cutting-edge Christian country album, Sinner to Sinner, explores both the struggles and triumphs of life with insightful lyrics and effortlessly resonant vocals that touch the core of everyday life. To listen to samples, click here. To schedule a performance please click contact.

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Jack just recorded a single titled Dirt, written by Adam Wheeler and Paul Sikes that will be featured on the Xtreme Christian Outdoors cable network show in February. 
Dirt was recorded in Nashville at 7-Layer Productions.

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