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Sinner to Sinner,  2015

Jack Gafford's new cutting-edge Christian country album, Sinner to Sinner, explores both the struggles and triumphs of life with insightful lyrics and effortlessly resonant vocals that touch the core of everyday life. Listen to the track samples below and to purchase, click here.

Sinner To SInner   Phillip Moore | Adam Wheeler
Fighters Fight   Mark Carson | Chris Caminiti | Adam Wheeler
Kids   Phil O'Donnell | Buddy Owens | Adam Wheeler
The Rocking Horse   Buddy Owens | Adam Wheeler
Story of My Life   Billy Crain | Will Rambeaux | Adam Wheeler
The Bridge   Tony Haselden | Adam Wheeler
Out Of Your Way   Rob Harris | Adam Wheeler
What I Did Today   Phillip Moore | Ray Scott | Adam Wheeler
Grace of A Woman   Matt Fleener | Ryan Fleene | Jeff Middleton | Adam Wheeler
How Could You Not   Buddy Owens | Adam Wheeler
If I'm Being Honest   Adam Wheeler

Produced by Adam Wheeler
Tracks 6,7,11 - Produced by Paul Sikes & Adam Wheeler
Mixing Engineers: Tracks 1,3,4,5 - Jimmy Dulin   
Tracks 2,8,9,10 - Craig White | Tracks 6,7,11 - Paul Sikes
Additional Engineers: David Bates, Taylor Pollert
Background Vocals: Russell Terrell
Mastered by John Baldwin


Copyright 2015 Jack Gafford     |