Jack’s Story

The one constant throughout my life has been music. At the age of 14, my best friend taught me a few chords on the guitar and I would sit-in with his family and friends on weekends on their back porch playing country and bluegrass in my hometown of Auburndale, Florida. It was there I started playing the guitar and singing.

I had the honor and privilege to serve in the United States Air Force as a Technical Training Instructor for Security Forces.

After that, for 10 years I lived in Nashville “chasing that neon-rainbow” to become a songwriter/ma- jor label artist. Interestingly enough “Chasing That Neon Rainbow” was recorded by Alan Jackson and co-written by Nashville songwriter Jim McBride. Jim took me under his wing when I first moved to Nashville and spent a lot of time writing with me and teaching me the ropes.

Having someone of his caliber believing in me kept me moving forward.

Through the years I have performed at The Ryman Auditorium and have performed with artists Kenny Chesney, Merle Haggard, Keith Whitley, Tanya Tucker, Diamond Rio, Tracy Lawrence, The Atlanta Rhythm Section and Billy Dean to name a few.

I have been right at the cusp of signing a major record deal when meeting with Rick Blackburn of Atlantic records, Doug Johnson of Giant Records, Harold Shedd of Mercury Records, Ken Woods of Step One Records and Wayne Halper of DreamWorks Nashville. Each time, I would struggle with “am I just one step closer to getting the deal” or, “just another step further away from ever getting a deal?”

Another constant throughout my life has been my struggle with Faith, wanting to believe yet always turning away and ignoring it.

In 2002, I walked away from the music.

My wife Jackie, our son Jackson and I moved to Florida where I took a job stocking shelves with Publix Super Markets. In 2006, I was offered a corporate training position which meant we would relocate to Georgia. It was there I met Atlanta Divisional Vice-President, Bob Moore (Retired). During this time, Bob took an interest in me and would spend a lot of time just talking with me about my goals and my family and he would share with me his experiences of work, family and faith.

Over the next several years we became good friends and as I write this today I can say we are now like family. Bob made an impact in my life mentoring me and I can say without a doubt walking with me and leading the way in my walk towards the faith I strug- gled with. I will also say, Bob will be the first to say it was not him, it was God working through him to get to me. Amen to that.

On December 16th, 2013, My wife Jackie and our son Jackson and I gave our lives to Christ and we all three were baptized together.

In 2014, Bob and his wife Sue, provided the financial backing to record an album in Nashville with my longtime friend, Producer/Singer/Songwriter, Adam Wheeler. The title of the album is “Sinner to Sinner” and the best way to describe the music is that it is cutting-edge Christian country with songs of faith, hope, love and inspiration.

In October of 2016, I left Publix Super Markets and took a job working for a nonprofit organization. It made no sense financially to make such a move. I just knew it was a move I was being “moved” to make.

I was working as Director of Programs for an amazing nonprofit organization “GratitudeAmerica” that serves Post 9/11 combat veterans, as well as another program, “Warrior PATHH” that serves combat veter- ans and assists in their personal transition from military combat to civilian life. As rewarding and fulfilling as it is serving in that capacity, I still felt like I was not doing what I was called to do. I was passion- ate about my job but my job was not my passion.

On November 7th, 2019, I was “moved” again to make another move. “It’s time” is what was put on my heart and the following week I met with the Executive Director and the staff of GratitudeAmerica and let them know that I would be moving on.

The two constants in my life: the pull of the music and the struggle with my faith, are now combined in the way and in the time they needed to be for me to step out in total faith and have now become the constant strength in my life and my life’s purpose.